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Virtual Session


BlueRio’s Basic Review for the BCCE.

This personalized session is offered to soldiers for review of all the materials and as a Q&A for taking the BCC exam. It can be conducted via phone or a virtual program.



“The Department of Defense and the Department of the Army are neither affiliated with nor endorse BlueRio Institute.


****CANCELLATION FOR MILITARY Active Duty/Reservists/National Guard


Upon written approval with proof of need, an Active Duty or Reservist/National Guard, may withdrawal or pause their enrollment due to the potential impact of military duties, e.g., unanticipated deployments or mobilization, activation, and temporary duty assignments on their training status and financial responsibilities.
If enrolled through a Credential Assistance Program, any refunds that are due will NOT be given directly to the learner – rather proceeds will be returned. Also only upon approval by the by that program team will a course/exam be extended. Notification of this need must be in writing and emailed.