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Relational Neuroscience (general)

GAINS (Global Association of Interpersonal Neurobiology Society)

Science of Psychotherapy

IPNB Practitioners:

IPNB – Inspired Practitioners:

Margie Chance, LPC

Heart Centered Psychotherapy
Portland, OR



Debra Pearce-McCall
Psychotherapy and Coaching
Portland, OR



JeanMarie Reynolds is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Coach, in the State of Missouri. She has a 20 year background in the corporate arena, and in 1998 changed careers and became a professional counselor. She has found “that the fields of counselling and coaching have brought me the opportunity to transform myself, my world view, and my own sense of pursing my dharma. I thoroughly enjoy walking along side others as they make changes in their own lives, to pursue their passions, live their joy, and pass that on to the people in their lives.” See her profile at LinkedIN



Kathleen Polscer M.S., LPC

I work as an Executive Coach as well as a Personal Life Coach to enhance and improve your resiliency and self efficacy in helping you achieve your goals.
Counseling Solutions, LLC, PO Box 820092, Portland, Oregon 97282, 503-963-8800,


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(Relational Neuroscience) What is IPNB?

What is IPNB?

Interpersonal neurobiology weaves research from these areas into a consilient framework that examines the common findings among independent disciplines.  This framework provides the basis of interpersonal neurobiology. The mind is defined and its components necessary for health are illuminated….” Dr. Dan Siegel

At its core, interpersonal neurobiology holds that we are ultimately who we are because of our relationships…. that how people interact affects the growth and health of the brain and the mind. Dr. Seigel defines the mind as “ an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information.”

Our brains are constantly rewiring themselves. All relationships change the brain, particularly the most intimate ones. It used to be that experts believed experiences defined who we are and that definition is created  early on in life. IPNB proposes that our brains are constantly being reshaped by new relationships and that because of that our brains and our minds have the chance – the ability – the opportunity to heal, to grow and to thrive!!

More resources will be added over time. 

What is Brand-Centered Leadership™ and Sustainability?


And what is  BCS™ (AKA Brand-Centered Leadership and Brand-Centered Sustainability?

Brand-Centered Sustainability (BCS) – A mindful approach that connects people to inspired, accountable visions and results in attuned, compassionate leadership and healthy growth.

Brand-Centered Sustainability™ and Brand-Centered Leadership™ refers to the infusion of the brand essence into all facets of an organization or a person’s life. The brand essence, also considered the meaning behind a person or a company – the details of what the brand is about – what it (she/he) stands for – what values drive its behavior or outward appearance – what makes it different —this is the glue that binds intentions, aspirations and behavior. And when intentions are driven by realistic goals, accountable leadership and inspired visions that connect to the brand – sustainable success can be achieved. This can be applied most successfully to double and triple bottom line organizations and cause-focused individuals.

  • Traditional bottom-line = purely financial profits
  • Double bottom-line = people and profits
  • Triple bottom-line = people, planet and profits
Coach Library

“Over more than a decade we have built an online library of professional coaching materials, with an initial focus on professional coaching within an organizational setting, but we quickly expanded to include high caliber materials relevant to all aspects of professional coaching. Our library includes a growing pool of articles, videos, research briefs, dissertations and white papers which will serve as the ultimate Internet-based source of information about professional coaching. We strive to be an easily searchable database of trusted, high-caliber, vetted and peer-reviewed content.”

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