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David Borchard, Ed.D., BCC Executive and Life Transition coach

“The Survive and Thrive Course provides a rich opportunity to learn and stay abreast of current knowledge of the psychology of and coaching insights in this critically important area of successful life/work management. I was impressed with the variety of informative content that includes videos from leading professionals in the field, recent and relevant research, Jessie’s experience-based and heart-felt presentations, and the opportunity to further the learning by interacting with other professionals in the field. The portal was easy to use and a convenient way to access content around my schedule. I highly recommend the course for anyone interested in learning more about and developing their insights and competencies for surviving and thriving in today’s fast paced and rapidly changing world.”

Jeanmarie Reynolds, LPC, BCC

Residential Real Estate Agent

“Classes from BlueRio offer a huge selection of learning methodologies so one can learn according to one’s personal strengths of information processing. It is very clear that Jessi LaCosta researches the best and most current information possible to offer us the most up to date data possible, she is active in the discussion boards, and offers great insight/insightful questions to facilitate even deeper exploration. This [Survive & Thrive] is my second course, and I will be taking another. For those who love to learn, then share that learning, these courses are great values! Thank you Jessi for your hard work and your dedication to bettering us and our clients and our world.”

Mr. Matthew Cintron-Quiñones Ed.S., M.Ed., SHRM-CP, CSM®, CSPO®, CVDC, CLMC (2021 Graduate)

“I was a BlueRio Institute student for the Life Map Coaching course aimed toward veterans/service members and their families. I was looking for a course that would educate me on what it means to be a coach but also challenge me to really act like a coach. Jessi’s course exceeded all of my expectations. She had well-articulated outcomes and explanations on what her courses offer and how they meet high standards expected in the coaching world. Nonetheless, I was so nervous about investing money into a coaching course. Wow, I had nothing to worry about. I graduated with so much confidence about who I am and the skills and strengths I have to serve as a coach….Most interestingly, I recognized that some of the coaching training I had received prior to this course lacked in some critical areas to prepare me fully. Jessi really showed me what it means to coach AND had the data and research to verify it.

“With a wide background and interest in multicultural experiences, Jessi supports participants with encouragement, unafraid to share experiences that may expand their perspective while bringing compassion to the experience. I have had several opportunities to study with Jessi’s guidance and even as a licensed counselor and a board certified coach, I find her style inviting and supportive for my own growth. We continue to learn when we open our selves to the opportunities. Don’t miss it!”
Jocelyn Sherman, PhD, BCC, LPC

Patricia Rundblade, PR Life Pathways, CVDC, Certified Life Enhancement Coach with a focus on PTSD and Relationships

The Hawk Eye training program enhanced and increased my knowledge base in areas of brain based learning and the impact of combat trauma on veterans so…

that I can best utilize my coaching abilities to help them achieve their goals professionally and personally as they transition and reintegrate into the civilian sector. I am a coach who is more equipped to provide assistance to our veterans who give so much for our freedom and protection as American citizens.
I highly recommend this program for anyone who desires to give back to those who give so much for our country.
—Patricia Rundblade,

“Jessi LaCosta’s teaching style reflects her experiences through engaging students and those interested in diving deeper into their understanding of coaching. She has an array of methods to meet the needs of coaches and would-be coaches by honing into their needs and interests and supplying even more information in that area.”