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*Please note that we cannot guarantee results and that coaching is not a therapeutic, clinical, or medical service. Coaching rather is a profound partnership among professionals who seek to grow, improve, and manifest success. Any representation of services by the coaches in this directory are being made indirectly of what BlueRio offers.

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BlueRio Offers a  Directory of quality, trained Coaches. Most of the Coaches in our Directory have been trained in one of our innovative programs like Lead and Thrive, or Life Map Coaching, that integrates the latest neuroscience research, Brand-Centered Sustainability™, and secular mindfulness practices into leading edge, result-driven coaching strategies. (*Not all coaches listed below have been trained through BlueRio – most.)

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*** If you are seeking a coach who specializes in veterans, military families or working with veterans – you may find them at this other site – BlueRio’s Coaches For Veterans.



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Contact: Nell Rose Forman
Work Phone: 610-674-0390 Website: Web
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I help executives and leaders overcome their barriers to success and realize their full potential. I create innovative strategies to optimize performance using evidence-based techniques from psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. I empower ambitious leaders to stay focused, communicate more effectively, make decisions more quickly and have a sense of purpose and freedom in their lives.

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