Mentor Coaching-Army

Mentor Coaching and Additional Role Play Coaching


What is Mentor/Supervision Coaching and Why Use this?

Coaching can be considered an art and a science. There are processes and formats that are used and yet within each experience with someone being coached slight nuances occur. To deepen your coaching knowledge, experience and ability to demonstrate to your clients, to credentialing bodies, you may engage in personalized, one-to-one mentor/supervision sessions. These are in addition to any roleplay that may be part of a coach certification training.

A mentor coach provides feedback in the form of observations.  A mentor coach shares examples helpful to a coach. A mentor when acting as a supervisor, also uses role play along with other tactics to provide experiential learning that will further advance the skills of the coach/learner. This can be done using many models of role-play, evaluation of recorded sessions and more.

Sessions are offered as a Single (one time for $225, a Double, (2 sessions) for $450, or as a Triple (three sessions) for $607.

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